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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

A Few Simple Travel Tips

We’ve tackled some complicated subjects in the last couple of months. Let’s keep it simple this time with a few quick tips that might be helpful.

For a while after 9/11 we weren’t allowed to put locks on our luggage. Now we can, but only Travel Sentry Certified combination locks are TSA approved. They have special tools that let them open these locks to inspect your luggage, and then re-lock them. This type of lock can be purchased in a luggage store or through catalogs such as Travel Smith ( and Magellan’s (, costing about $20 a pair. Actually, I haven’t used locks on my luggage for years. Figured those little locks wouldn’t be much of a challenge for a determined thief anyway. Instead, I use twist ties. Since I figure the primary goal is to keep the zippers on the luggage from opening and spilling out the contents, the twist ties are an inexpensive and effective alternative.

How about a space-saving and simple way to carry your pills? Those plastic 7-day pill containers take up space and tend to open up and spill their contents. Plus, I’m getting to where all my vitamins and prescription meds don’t fit in one, so I must take two. A few trips back someone showed me a nifty trick. Get yourself some tiny plastic bags (about 2"x2" – the best place to find them is at a bead store), and with a black marker write the letters of the week on them – M for Monday, T for Tuesday, and so on. Put your daily allotment of pills in each of the tiny bags and put all of them in a larger baggie. Each day the bulk of the baggie diminishes as the contents of each little bag gets used.

Finally, here’s a tip that might save you a lot of grief if an airline loses or misplaces your luggage. When two people are traveling together, each should put one outfit in the other’s luggage. That way if one of the bags gets lost or doesn’t show up right away, at least the unlucky victim has a change of clothes that can be used until the bag shows up.

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