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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Prosperous New Year

The holidays are a time filled with joy and love as we gather our families together to celebrate life, and the new year. As we prepare to reign in the new year, we can reflect on the events that have occurred in the past and that will influence the future. Nevada has seen difficult times recently; our economy was hit harder than most by the recession. But as we look back on this year, we see that things are getting better – gaming revenues are increasing, more visitors are traveling to Southern Nevada, and companies like Amazon and Apple are investing in our great state.

As we enter the New Year, I remain committed to doing everything I can to create jobs and renew our investments in areas such as education, infrastructure, and clean energy development. I hope my colleagues in the House can put petty political bickering aside so we can address the most important issues facing the American people today.

The most urgent issues Nevada is facing today are job creation and economic recovery. I am doing everything I can in the Senate to create jobs. To date, the Senate has passed a budget that makes smart investments in infrastructure, education and job training while reducing the deficit by closing tax loopholes and wasteful spending, a bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill that saves our country $1 trillion and adds $500 billion in new revenue over the next decade, and a bipartisan farm bill that reduces the deficit by $24 billion while making investments that grow our economy.

I won’t stop fighting for Nevada and I know we can move the state and the country forward, as long as we have willing partners to aid in our fight. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate from both sides of the aisle. By working together, we will continue down the path of success and economic recovery. I wish you all a happy new year.

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