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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Holiday Insights

January, kicking off the new year with a host of resolutions, I imagine. With Boulder City Magazine landing in your mailbox early in the month, I am hopeful most are still intact. While you struggle with keeping to those new-found, often spontaneous resolutions, I thought it would be interesting to see what the rest of the world is celebrating during the month of January. Here is a brief run-down according to

Kicking off the year is “National Run it up the Flagpole” day on January 2nd, followed by “Toss the Fruitcake” on January 3rd. Also having a formal day of recognition on January 3rd is “Humiliation Day” – I suspect that has nothing to do with the resolutions made a couple of days prior. January 5th is “National Bird” day, no relation to Sergeant Byrd; however, she is deserving of her own day, so please take a moment to say hello to her on January 5th.

So, January 8th is “National Male Watchers Day” and a few days later is “National Fabulous Wild Men Day” on January 12th followed by “International Skeptics Day.” I am not sure if there is an overwhelming theme – but a pattern does seem to exist – oh, January 13th is “Peculiar People Day.”

January 16th is “National Nothing Day” followed by “Penguin Awareness Day” on January 20th and the always popular “National Squirrel Day” on January 21st and “Measure your Feet Day” on the 23rd “Opposite Day” is the day before “Spouses Day.” Then the festive “National Corn Chip Day” is celebrated each year on January 29th followed by “Backwards Day” on January 31rd. I must confess, while I am sure each of the aforementioned events is important, none rise to the importance of my favorite day of celebration, June 6th – “National Donut Day!”

With all this celebrating going on, I want to assure you that the staff at the police department are still taking your phone calls, answering your questions, patrolling the streets, writing tickets, taking bad guys and gals to jail, preparing budgets, crunching 2013 year-end statistics, finalizing goals, upgrading systems to maximize organizational efficiencies and yes, counting down the days to June 6th.

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