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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Are You Addicted?

Are you hooked on travel, like I am? Hoarding travel shampoo, dealing with ‘the shakes’ when grounded too long? Here are some symptoms others have pointed out in a survey conducted by

You know you’re addicted to travel when:

You sleep with your passport.

You live out of your suitcase even when home.

You can, and have given tourists directions in London, Paris, Tokyo – or any other places you don’t live in.

You’re planning one trip while on another.

You can pick up your luggage and guess, within a few ounces, the weight.

You sit down at your desk and reach for the seatbelt.

Waking up at home feels strange.

You think about getting a small airplane tattoo for your ankle.

Now it’s your turn. I bet you can add more to this list.

Speaking of… this is a site well worth tagging as a favorite, along with (my favorite flight planning tool), (never get stuck in a seat that doesn’t recline again), and (a wealth of little tips for travelers).

Oh yes, and there’s one more site that I suggest you visit periodically – If you haven’t been there for a while, check it out. It has been totally revamped, with great ideas for your 2012 travels and other helpful information, including links to the above mentioned helpful websites.

My, my, was that just a blatant plug for my own new website? Shame on me!

Catch the wind…

       Taste the rain…

                   and Touch all of your tomorrows…

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