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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts


Let’s say you want to find out about a movie. You might want to go to The Internet Movie Database. There you will find previews of most movies with reviews from critics, users, and a score from IMDb. In the movie category you will find: Movies In Theaters, Movies Coming Soon, Top Movies, Showtimes and Tickets, Trailers, New DVDs, Top 250 Movies, and more.

Top movies are a list of the top 10 movies rated by IMDb, STARmeter and MOVIEmeter. If you don’t know what movie to watch at home tonight, check out the Top 250 movies. Even though we go to a lot of movies on a regular basis, we went through the Top 250 list and found we had missed a few good ones. So we went to the Boulder City Library’s website and ordered the missing movies online. A few days later the movies started to come in. The top movie listed is The Shawshank Redemption (1994) followed by The Godfather (1972). One of the oldest movies listed is Sherlock, Jr. (1924).

Most movies are now releasing to DVD within 90 days after they are in theaters. And some movies that are now on DVD are still playing in theaters.  So you can order newly released movies online from the library, but make sure you order after we do! Some movies at the library have a waiting list of over 700! But the list goes down real quick and most movies you will get in just a few days.

The All-Time USA Box Office list starts off at #1 with James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) with $760,505,847 in sales. The list is only sales over $100,000,000, but there are still 508 movies to look through. And if you enjoyed Avatar the movie, Disney World is creating an Avatar theme park in Orlando Florida. They are trying to have it open about the same time Avatar 2 releases in 2014 and before Avatar 3 releases in 2015.

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