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Boulder City History
by Laura Hutton, Museum Coordinator
Boulder City Hoover Dam Museum

31'er Heirloom Hollyhocks

Imagine the scenery around you as your family’s car packed with all of your belongings leaves behind miles of grass, trees, and flowers and enters the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada - once considered a barren and lifeless wasteland. I can only imagine what I’m sure was feelings of panic for those original families that lived on the Colorado River before the Hoover Dam was built.

The 31’ers, families who arrived in this area in 1931, endured hardships as they lived in tents on the Colorado River prior to homes being built. They are truly inspirational individuals. These families brought with them pieces of home in the form of plant seeds and starts, creating gardens in their yards that began a legacy decades in the making.

Heirloom hollyhock plants are started with seeds from the yards of those first families and the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum’s 31’ers Educational Outreach Team (EOT) has captured pieces of local history to share with the public in a way that transcends the generations and permeates our community.

The 31’ers EOT has started over 7,000 hollyhocks for local planting. Now, you too can have a piece of Boulder City history in your own yard or planting container. When you purchase seeds and/or plants, the 31’ers hollyhock story will be provided.  In honor of the people who built Hoover Dam and Boulder City, we invite you to plant 31’ers hollyhocks to show your support of local history and ask that you share this story with everyone. The 31’ers thank you for your efforts in keeping these stories alive for future generations.

31’er Heirloom Hollyhock seeds can be obtained at the Museum now. Plants will be available this spring at Ace Shopper Stopper, Albertsons, Home Hardware, Lady Bug Nursery and at the Boulder Dam Hotel. This year you will see 31’ers Heirloom Hollyhocks popping up at the Boulder Dam Credit Union, Boulder City Library, Masonic Temple, Boulder Dam Hotel, Lake Mead National Park Service, and in city planting beds.  Just imagine the splash of color that these plants will provide in Boulder City.

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