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Spotlight on Business

Primary Residential Mortgage
by Kim Dennett, Mortgage Specialist

I am a long time resident of Boulder City and plan to spend the remainder of my years right here in this beautiful town. Serving within a small community like ours brings great satisfaction.

I’ve had the pleasure of raising my children here and some of my grandchildren are attending the same schools and events. As when my kids were young, it’s exciting to get to do it over again (actually it’s more fun with the grandkids).

I have been keeping busy over the years running various types of business ventures with my husband. We’ve owned a service station, construction companies, a finance business and for the past 9 years I have been helping homeowners to finance their homes.

I love helping new home buyers purchase their first home or their final dream home. Working in the mortgage business has taken on some drastic changes over the past year and I have had to go on a crash course of learning the new rules, which can change on a daily basis.

Getting a mortgage loan in today’s market is very challenging and at times stressful. With short sales, foreclosures, falling values, credit score minimums and employment losses, many cannot qualify to refinance or purchase a home.

We are very proud in our office to find solutions to these problems and get the loans done for our clients. Having the knowledge to help our borrowers with minimum problems is what we specialize in. Our motto, “Get it done, and get it done right”.

One thing we have worked diligently on is helping our borrowers to qualify for loans. We offer a no-cost credit review to see where the individual is with their credit. We then walk them through a step-by-step program to guide them in the purchase or refinancing of their home, again at no cost.

If you find yourself wondering about a refinance or if you are wanting to purchase a home and don’t want to feel obligated, give me a call.

You can reach me any time by calling my office telephone number at (702) 834-4880 and asking for Kim. You can also e-mail me any time by using my e-mail address of

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