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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Lost Passport
My moment of panic at an airport in Ireland last month taught me a lesson. I couldn’t find my passport. I had just had it, going through security, but it wasn’t in the pocket where I usually keep it. A frantic search found it in another place, but by that time my heart was racing.

What if it had truly been lost? What would I have done? What would you do if your little blue buddy went missing while on an overseas trip? I came home and researched it, and here’s the answer.

No matter where you are, the first rule is to act NOW! Back track your steps, search your hotel room if you can; there’s a chance you set it down somewhere and you can retrieve it. If not, contact your local embassy. You must go in person to the embassy to apply for an emergency passport. It will only be valid for a limited time, and you’ll have to apply for a new one once back in the States.

You will need to provide certain things, most of which you should have with you, such as a photo ID, and your airline ticket, booking confirmation, or itinerary. They will need to see the police report, if there is one. You will be assessed an in-person passport fee of $100, payable in U.S. dollars, the currency of your current destination, or U.S. dollar bank draft. And the embassy will provide a passport application form.

Two more items that you will need, but usually wouldn’t think to carry with you, are 3 passport photos, and proof of U.S. citizenship (such as a copy of your birth certificate, social security card, or Certificate of Naturalization).

If you don’t have all of these items, you might be able to present an affidavit of identifying witness, to be filled out by a fellow traveler who can attest that you are who you say you are.

Did you notice the word ‘might’ in that sentence? I don’t think I want to take that chance. So I’m going to make myself a little envelope with some passport photos and a copy of my birth certificate to take with me from now on. You might consider doing the same.

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