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The Arts
by Judy Barton
Boulder City Art Guild

Art Versus Crafts
The tents have been folded and the artists have moved on to the next show, but the memories of the 25th annual spring Fine Arts Festival remain. It was a great show and the Boulder City Art Guild would like to thank everyone who made it such a great success. R.B. Bertrams, Maribeth McLay and Aileen Dike are among those who devoted many hours to making everything run smoothly.

Crafts are works that have functionality and have been considered the lesser stepchild of the arts by many people. History, however, reveals that artisans of the past made no such distinction. For the ancients, crafts have always been a medium suitable for expressing the highest and most complex art values. Clay Art and ceramic sculpture is a medium that exists today as a desirable format for artistic expression. You may want to view some examples presented by the highly skilled ceramic artists now showing at the Boulder City Art Guild Gallery and decide for yourself.

Jessica Sellers, an art teacher at Coronado High School, is exhibiting examples of her work in clay and fused glass. Some of these works are delicate pieces of jewelry while others are bowls and plates in bold expressions of color and form. Another ceramic artist is Lynda Whitehair, a former Clark County art teacher, who now instructs ceramic classes for adults at the East Las Vegas Community Center. Her work ranges from whimsical turtles to the complex application of a soft watercolor technique painted on large “wheel-thrown” and hand built pieces.

Two other well-known community ceramicists now showing are Debbie Hagan and Craig Corey. Both of these artists work through the Art Center at ABC Park in Boulder City. Debbie expresses her creativity through works showing a Native American influence. Some of the work features Kokopelli figures dancing along the surfaces of shiny white slab plates.

Craig’s work indicates a mastery of the potter’s wheel. He starts with a thrown piece and turns it into a creative object of beauty or whimsy. His “Jester’s Teapot” is a work that indicates the humor of an extremely talented artisan. One has to look twice to see the lid and spout of the pot.

After viewing these works, is there still a question of craft becoming art?

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