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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

A Visit To Washington DC
Recently, I traveled to Washington DC with our City Manager, Vicki Mayes, and Councilman Travis Chandler. Our purpose was to meet with our delegates to go over our needs and challenges. We talked with Senator Reid, Senator Ensign, and Congressman Porter. These meetings allowed us to meet face to face with valuable staff members who suggested solutions and funding for Boulder City.

We discussed funding sources for our needed capital improvement projects concerning our wastewater treatment facility. Our goal is to increase funding provided by the Army Corp of Engineers. We talked about the financial challenge the 3rd intake creates for our small town budget. As always, we discussed our situation with the Hoover Dam Bypass. We also inquired about possible grants for public safety. Our commitment to renewable energy was also a message we took back. Our energy zone located in the Eldorado Valley is a valuable asset to the City and to Nevada.

The real value in making this annual trip to Washington DC is meeting with your elected delegates and their staff. We strategize and pursue funding sources that we are unable to secure without their assistance. Ideas and suggestions were made on how to increase funding for our wastewater capital improvement projects. If these suggestions materialize, it would mean less increases in future costs of services. We asked for continued support regarding our bypass project. This is important due to the shortfall of state funding, and we do not want to see our project lose support. All of your representatives in Washington DC understand the importance of our bypass project. Their support is necessary because the next transportation bill will be funded in 2009. Our main funding source to date has been from a previous earmark which was part of the transportation bill which Senator Reid and Congressman Porter obtained for us. This allowed the project to move forward with full design for the first phase and partial design for the second phase. Improvements along Highway 93 and Nevada Way will also come from this previous earmark.

We live in a small community within a heavily populated county. It is vital that your local representatives build relationships with those who represent us in Washington.

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