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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Little League Baseball
Little league baseball has been a tradition in a young boy’s life for decades. Even young girls are engaging in this wonderful sport. Ever since that faithful day last April, I have taken an interest in baseball, myself. I just started little league baseball in late February, and I LOVE it! But what makes baseball one of the most played youth sports in America?

I take extreme delight in playing little league baseball. To me, baseball is a chain reaction. The pitcher starts the reaction by pitching the baseball. It may be stopped if the batter doesn’t hit the ball or the ball is hit foul. But if the batter makes a hit, it could lead to numerous events occurring from an amazing slide into second base to a miraculous diving catch to stop the batter from hitting RBI double. Baseball may be a slow sport, but it is unpredictable and requires much skill and strategy.

I first took an interest in baseball in April of 2007. One evening, I was channel surfing when I came across the Dodgers playing a game. I do not recall their opponent or the score, but I do remember the pitcher: #31, Brad Penny. Then, I knew I had a baseball video game that I’d never played, so I tried it. I was more content than I’d ever been with any form of sport. I took an interest in the sport and eventually learned to play it. I mainly play right field, but whatever position I play, I love it all.

Little league baseball is a great hobby. It also teaches children responsibility by teaching them to attend practices on time, keep track of their equipment, and by them practicing the things they learn in free time.

They also learn to respect people by listening to their coaches and learning good sportsmanship towards the opposing team. Learning to listen to their coaches teaches them to listen and respect authority. This can include teachers, parents, and older siblings. Demonstrating good sportsmanship teaches a child to respect others and treat them with kindness.

Along with all that, children get exercise while having fun when participating in this pastime. Baseball is a wonderful sport!

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