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Porter Update
by Jon C. Porter, Third District Congressman

Boulder City Bypass

In late March, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and I visited one of the most remarkable public infrastructure projects constructed in this century; the Hoover Dam Bypass. This is a breathtaking construction site. The larger purpose of Secretary Peters’ visit was to highlight the potential use of $400 billion in available private financing for projects such as the Boulder City Bypass.

There has been an ongoing debate over how the Boulder City Bypass should be funded. Since coming to Congress in 2002, I have worked hard to bring home more than $32 million for the project. While I am working to ensure more is done, I have publicly rejected calls for a hike in the federal gas tax at a time when my constituents are paying historically high prices at the pump to solely fund projects such as the one in Boulder City. I have been a proponent of public-private partnerships as a real option to cope with growing infrastructure demands here in Nevada.

I have fought for the bypass for over 25 years. While private financing alone cannot single-handedly fund the final phases of the project, it cannot be so readily dismissed as Nevada is facing a $7 billion transportation funding shortfall. In many states private funds have been offered to create optional toll lanes that offer commercial transport, commuters and tourists expedited routes to beat traffic congestion which is now commonplace in Southern Nevada.

Roads are the lifeline for our economy and it is critical that our infrastructure keep pace with the unprecedented growth in our communities. Heavy congestion dampens tourism which is critical to Southern Nevada and is an impediment to commerce. Currently, all traffic flows through downtown Boulder City which creates its own set of challenges.

In Congress, I have consistently worked to find solutions that will expedite needed results. Secretary Peters and I are exploring all options that will not place an additional financial burden on Boulder City residents. I am confident that we will complete the bypass and I am also confident that we will not have to pass additional costs on to families in Boulder City.

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