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The Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD Format Wars Are Over! If you do not know which DVD player or which DVD disks to buy, your wait is over. Toshiba announced the death of its next-generation high-definition format, HD DVD. So the winner is the Sony Blu-Ray DVD, the higher priced version of course. What this means is that if you have purchased an HD DVD player and HD DVD movies, you had better enjoy the disks you currently have. Manufacturers will soon stop making HD DVD players and HD DVDs. This high technology war was similar to the old war between VHS and Beta formats. Even though the Beta tape was technically better, it lost out to the more popular and “new” VHS tape. Do you want to know the status of an airplane flight? You can now go to the web site and enter the flight number and you will see a little graphic map with the information on that flight. Some of the other information you will see on the graphic includes: flight origin, destination, route, date, duration, minutes progress and minutes left. Pretty handy for keeping track of visitors.

For Kids: Elmo Live. This new toy is the most life-like Elmo ever developed. He seems to actually be speaking as his mouth opens and closes. He waves his arms, sits and stands, and even crosses his legs. He can also tell stories and jokes, sing songs and play games. Go to and search for “Fisher Price Elmo Live Launch” to see one of the sample toy videos. A great gift for kids to play and learn with.

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