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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Deputy Chief
Boulder City Police Department

I thought it would be fun to look at some excuses that officers hear during traffic stops or at other times during our workday when enforcement is imminent. Many of us have seen the Internet version and wondered if those things are really said.

I have asked my colleagues at the Police Department to submit some of their favorites. While some of these may seem wacky or unbelievable, take a moment to think about them; after all, it was your neighbors that mustered these thoughts.

An officer once had a gentleman that was about to be arrested for domestic violence tell him that they could not arrest him because he had drugs in his pocket. The amazing thing is that he did have methamphetamine in his pocket and the additional charge was added on.

Who remembers the “Dummy Car”? That car precipitated a number of comments, such as, “I thought you were the dummy” or “I can’t believe you’re alive.” The dummy car was laid to rest a year or so ago. While the “Dummy” was never paid and will not be receiving a retirement check for his years of unyielding service to the great folks of Boulder City, he did provide many of us with a laugh and perhaps a few TAPS on the brakes.

To wrap-up this pithy article on excuses, it seems only fitting to conclude with a few excuses for our unsung heroes in Animal Control. Under the title of “excessive excrement” they provided me with a litany of excuses ranging from, “I cannot believe I forgot my bag” to, “I can’t believe there is a law against that.”

While this is only a snapshot of what we hear and see on a daily basis, I feel compelled to thank all of you that have added to this article, whether or not it was intentional. Times like these allow us to break the cycle of seriousness that is often prevalent in our business.

I would like to announce briefly that the 2nd Annual Boulder City Police Department Golf Tournament benefiting Special Olympics is scheduled for April 19th at Boulder Creek Golf Club. If you are interested in golfing or making a donation to Special Olympics Nevada, feel free to give me a call and remember, no excuses!

Until next month, stay safe.

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