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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Privacy For Sale

The first thing many people do when getting on the internet is put their name in the search engine. I put “Brad Appleby” in and found about 683 pages that have Brad Appleby on them. If you add quotes around your request the search engine will only search for an exact phrase. If you just search Brad Appleby without the quotes, you will be searching for Brad and Appleby as two words and find about 412,000 pages. So, Brad’s Ankle and Shiri Appleby will show up in the search because they contain Brad or Appleby.

You also have to remember there is more than one of "you" in the world. I know because researching this article I have found all kinds of “Brad Applebys” out there. So before you get excited about the information on the internet under your name, make sure it is you the information is referring to.

After a time-consuming Google search, try searching This is a free “people search” and a public information search engine. It is free because the premium services cost money, i.e., to search by phone number, search by social security number, and run a background check. After you enter your name, sit back and relax because the information you are about to see might scare you.

“People Search” sites obtain all of their information from the internet. Some information comes from web yellow pages, some from city and state records, and some from your own web site. I have found “Brad Appleby” all over the internet from board meeting minutes to newsletters to blogs.

What can you do? Not much; the information these web sites are providing is public record. And if you e-mail each web site and ask them to remove the information, then they will have your e-mail address too! By the way, there are 3,680,000,000 sites that do “people searches”.

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