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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich


Colorado is where I went for my last trip. We went to see my dad’s sister, my Aunt Sue, and her kids. The oldest is Chris and the youngest is Jennifer, she is 6.

When we first saw them we went out for dinner. We went to this nice pizza place and talked. I taught Jennifer how to play table football. It was fun. After that we ate our pizza and then we went back to the room. Jenny wanted to sleep over so we let her. Her favorite game is hide and go seek, so we played that game, and it was so fun because my dad helped us hide and he would think of crazy places like I hid in the closet but I hid on top in the closet. After that we started playing my 20 questions game. We would think of really funny things, but after a while we started getting tired so we went to bed.

The next day we went to this little tourist attraction. We were looking in shops and while we were looking around we found a beef jerky stand and my dad and I love beef jerky but I got buffalo jerky. Next we went to this place where they sell honey from honey bees. The shop actually had a nest in it where you could see all the bees working and you could see the queen bee walking around doing her business. The bees could get outside through a little tube and back inside.

After we were done visiting and hanging out with my family, my dad, mom, and I went to this place where there where buildings in a cliff. They were called cliff dwellings and Native Americans lived there once.

Before we took the tour, we were just walking around the paths to see what we could find. My dog couldn’t come with us because it was a national park and dogs can’t go in national parks, that stinks. It took us a little while to get to the cliff dwellings but it was a nice walk. When we finally got to the cliff dwellings they were so amazing, it was pretty much camouflaged. We looked around for a while and saw how the Native Americans lived, like they grow their crops at the top of the mountain, well above them. We had to head back to the camp because the tour was over but I am sure I would love to go back.

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