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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

Ways to Help
There is so much suffering in the world. All we have to do is read the newspaper or turn on the TV to learn about the magnitude of suffering. This can feel completely overwhelming.

It seems that many people either get stuck in the news and constantly feel the weight of current situations, which can lead to anger, fear, and even depression, while others choose to ignore the news entirely, feeling ill-equipped to handle it emotionally. Both approaches have room for improvement. If we immerse our thinking in negative situations and don’t apply skillful means, we will become extremely negative. On the other hand, if we ignore bad news, it doesn’t mean people aren’t suffering, it means we have turned our gaze from those that need us the most.

The important thing is to help in whatever ways we can. Awareness without action will lead to more suffering; conversely, awareness with skillful action will lead to change. There are many ways to help. Some people are skilled at writing letters to the editor, to government officials, and to corporation heads. Things change when we insist on it. Instead of just complaining about how things are, we can support companies and politicians that are moving in a healthy direction. Some people are skilled at prayer and meditation, and upon first hearing bad news, they begin praying or compassion meditation. May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings have peace and happiness. Many people are skilled at writing checks to organizations that are helping people, animals, and our planet. The important thing is to do what we can, and do it on a regular basis. We need to move in a positive direction if we want to have a positive result.

One very simple way to help is to visit You help for free; its the advertisers that pay to help. Here you can contribute food to those starving, mammograms to those in need, you can preserve rainforest land, contribute to animal rescue, and more. And its all free. Check it out, click everyday, and also check out the kindhearted advertisers on the site as well.

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