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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Democratic Leader

Boulder City - A Treasure Close to My Heart

U.S. Senator Harry Reid recently took to the Senate floor to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Boulder City. Here are excerpts from the Senator’s floor speech:

“…Boulder City lies 24 miles east of Las Vegas, and 40 miles from Searchlight near Lake Mead. It’s very close to my hometown, Searchlight, and it is a city dear to my heart. Boulder City is a Nevada treasure, and I am proud to honor it today.

“Boulder City was created by the Federal Government on March 11, 1931, to provide housing to the thousands of people who built the Hoover Dam. Because Boulder City was operated as a Government reservation, the residents could not buy homes and unlike its neighboring cities, liquor and gambling were prohibited. In fact, gambling is prohibited in Boulder City to this day.

“As the first planned community built in the United States, Boulder City has gone to great lengths to maintain its small town feel. Boulder City only sees about 400 new residents each year due to a growth control ordinance that was enacted in 1979.

“Boulder City is most widely known as the home of the Hoover Dam. Twenty-one thousand men worked for 5 years and poured more than 5 million barrels of cement to complete the work on the $49 million dam. Forty-nine million dollars adjusted for inflation equals $676 million today.

“Named after President Herbert Hoover, the dam is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. It sits on the border between Nevada and Arizona and sees 13,000 to 16,000 people cross it each day.

“…It is important that everyone understand that Boulder City is more than just the home of the Hoover Dam, more than just a tourist attraction. It is a city whose people exemplify what being a Nevadan is all about. I invite all my colleagues here in the Senate and all the people of this great country to experience a part of Nevada that I love.”

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