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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Yes! It is finally Spring, or what some would like to call April. April is fun because you get to color Easter eggs, do Easter egg hunts and just have fun! Although I am a bit older now, that does not stop me from Easter egg hunting. I still like to do it, but now that I’m older the places that the eggs are hidden just keep getting harder and harder.

Now back to Spring. At this time of year there are a lot of things going on in nature. For instance, some animals are just waking up from hibernation, and beautiful plants are popping out of the ground. I love Spring, it tells us that summer is awaiting us. I especially love the smell of Spring, it just brings out the goodness in you. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and you are a “cranky toot” walking around your house, Spring can make you feel better.

Last month I was telling you about how I go snowboarding. Well, now they are going to close the ski and snowboard slopes in Brian Head so that’s the end of that. I want it to stay open, but unless I want to ski or snowboard in water, I guess it will have to wait until next winter.

Spring also means that there are only 2 months of school left! I am so happy. To me, so far, the school year is going pretty fast. But this year school was kinda cool because I got to meet new teachers and even new students. Each new school year always gives everyone a time to start over.

Also there are more birthdays in Spring! One of my friends has a birthday in April, April 4. My friend’s name is Amanda. Last year for her birthday we went to Chucky Cheeses, and it was a blast.

Tell me how you spend your birthday at

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