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Home Security

Are you looking for a little extra security for your home? A wireless camera system is one way to get some extra protection. There are lots of wireless camera systems out there, so do some research before investing. Price, installation, ease of use and maintenance are just a few of the features you want to be aware of before purchasing a system. Be sure to read the small print.

One camera system I recently came across is the Ring Stick Up Camera. I found it online at It comes with two wireless cameras and two solar panels. The cost of the system is about $350. The cameras are weatherproof and easy to install with no wiring required. A strong Wi-Fi connection and a smart phone, tablet or PC are required for the system to work. If the Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough in the area where the cameras will be installed, a Wi-Fi extender can help to boost a weak signal. No subscription or service contract is required.

The cameras have custom motion zones, infrared night vision and live view on demand. The system uses 720p HD video with 80 degrees of view and also provides audio features. Once the cameras are set up and paired to a smart phone (with the free app), the system will allow two-way talk through the cameras and will give a notification when there is motion near them. The motion sensors can be adjusted, so the cameras don’t pick up small actions such as moving dogs and cats and passing cars. The motion sensors can be adjusted for both day and night.

A wireless camera system such as this one, with cameras that are held on with just screws, may be more susceptible to thieves and vandals. For that reason, the company offers a lifetime warranty: If the cameras are stolen or vandalized, they are replaced for free. For more information, you can visit the company’s website at

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