Library Corner
by Kim Diehm
Director, Boulder City Library

The Value of Your Boulder City Library Card

What’s in your wallet? If you don’t see a library card there, you’re missing out on a lot. Your card gives you access to many books and materials for your viewing, listening, or reading pleasure. But if you haven’t been in recently, let me share with you some of the things your library card can get you.

Language Learning Materials are not new at the library, but our latest addition of Playaway Launchpad Tablets are easy to use and make learning new languages fun and easy with preloaded apps to help you learn words, phrases, pronunciation and more.

Freegal Music
streaming and downloading is the next big thing in music, and you have access to it with your library card. Freegal Music has over eleven million songs from over 28,000 music labels, and over 15,000 music videos. And let’s not forget the app you can download to your mobile device for easy use!

Computers, printers, and Wi-Fi, Oh My! You have access to all of these with your library card. And the public computers and library Wi-Fi will be going through updates this fall so that they will work faster and more efficiently. Although prints and copies are only 10¢ each, computer use, WiFi time, and use of the scanner is free. If you need those resources, they are here for you.

And then there are holds. If we have an item you want that is checked out, we will add your library card number to a holds list. When the item arrives, we inform you and hold it for up to five days, so you have time to pick it up. If the item you want is a book that we do not have in our system, we will ask you to fill out an Inter-Library Loan form and try to find it for you, even if that means we pay to have it shipped from another state.

Your free library card does expire annually, so you will have to verify your address (with identification) and phone number. You won’t see double miles or cash back with the use of your library card, but you will reap huge returns on your investment! So, I ask again, what’s in your wallet?

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