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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Looking Back on 2012

I think the end of each year is a time for reflection. As I look back on 2012, I believe it has been a very productive year for the City. Many projects were completed with the most visible project being the Nevada Way revitalization. This segment of roadway had formerly been a State Highway and was turned over to the City in 1987. Sidewalks were narrow and in ill repair, several sewer mains were located beneath commercial businesses, bike paths were lacking and the pavement was in poor condition. This street was completely redesigned to become a safe and pleasant transportation corridor for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. As a part of this project, the City constructed bus shelters (paid for through Federal stimulus monies) and a bus turnout area.

Several other projects were completed that are less prominent, but valuable additions to our infrastructure. The Regional Food Control District provided funding to construct flood control facilities that protect the industrial area. This $1.2 million project begins near the northern end of Wells Road, crosses Yucca Street and ends at Veterans Memorial Drive. The City has began a three-year program to repaint and restore its water reservoirs. It also began upgrading the City's electrical system. Power poles have been inspected and replaced, if needed. Transformers are on order so outdated overhead transformers can be replaced. The design for reconstruction of our substations will begin very soon. This is a tremendous undertaking and a multi-faceted program.

Some other smaller projects were also accomplished. Gateway entry signs were installed on U.S. 93 near Railroad Pass and in Hemenway Valley. All of the caution lights on Adams Boulevard in the school zone were replaced to make the area safer for our children. The City (finally) received a permit from the Health District to expand the landfill, which will add at least 36 years to the landfill's life.

Each year, the City takes a series of steps, some large, some small, to make our City better for its residents. As I look back at this year, I am proud of what we have accomplished, yet I know there is considerable work yet to do. I am looking forward to a productive 2013, and wish you a very Happy New Year!

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