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Lessons Learned
by Jim LaBuda
Assistant Professor of Education
Nevada State College

It’s Homework Time

As long as there are schools, there will be homework. As a principal, I did not advocate a large amount of nightly homework but certainly felt that homework was necessary. I actually preferred that children read at home nightly and enjoy the time they had with a book.

As a parent, like many of you, I often came home from a long day’s work, rushed the kids to soccer practice and then returned to a pile of homework. My children then labored to complete or, if just too tired, woke-up early in the morning to finish before they went to school. At times, it definitely was a family chore.

The research on whether homework in elementary school translates to academic achievement is inconclusive. There is some research that shows a stronger correlation between homework for secondary students and academic achievement.

I certainly can make many arguments that homework is necessary and beneficial. It not only supports the students’ content knowledge but promotes organization, time management, responsibility, utilization of technology, and helps parents understand what their child is learning in school.

The National Education Association recommends that students in kindergarten through third grade should spend 20 minutes per day. Students in fourth through sixth should spend 40 minutes per day. Older students’ time on homework should increase and vary by subject and the level of the course.

A set schedule each day should assist and help your child. Have materials organized and readily available. Take the time to monitor your child and ask questions. Some children take the initiative to complete their work and others need additional monitoring. It is important to focus on the environment. Students think they can multi-task well. They feel they can watch TV, listen to an iPod, talk on the phone and, among other things, text – all while they are doing their homework. However, the most current research shows that this is not true. To be successful, students need to focus on one task at a time. When it is homework time – it is homework time.

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