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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

Rising Stars

The Parks and Recreation Department BC Rising Stars children’s performing group will be performing “old time” songs for 31’ers at the October 8, 2011, 31’ers Luncheon and Educational Outreach Showcase. The 31’ers attending the event are in their late 70s and 80s.

In the 1930’s these 31’ers were young children about the same age as the Rising Stars. When the Rising Stars perform the songs that the 31’ers sang as children, the 31’ers eyes light up with joy. At last year’s 31’ers Luncheon and Educational Outreach Showcase, 31’ers Ila Godbey, who was an infant in 1931, sang the songs performed by the Rising Stars throughout her elementary school years. Ila broke into song right along with the children. She didn’t miss a beat and knew all the words.

Rising Stars instructor Lisa Morris is a phenomenal vocalist and will perform a solo at the event. Her energy and enthusiasm lifts the spirit of everyone within earshot. She is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Instructor Kara Larsen takes the helm in coordinating the dance portion of this performing group and keeps the children moving to the beat of the music.

Rising Stars performers Ella and Madeline Morris are the daughters of instructor Lisa Morris and they are great granddaughters of 31’er “Frosty” Traasdhal who worked on the dam. Great grandfather Frosty liked it here so much that he stayed in Boulder City, making a living as a general contractor and raising his family. Frosty’s daughter Madeline Trassdhal married Monte Morris. Monte and Madeline’s son Steven Morris is married to none other than Rising Stars’ instructor Lisa Morris. The great grandparents have passed away and Grandma Madeline Morris who was born and raised in Boulder City still resides here.

Instructor Kara Larsen’s father Kae Phoe has operated a gift shop at Hoover Dam since 1975. Kara is not from one of the original 31’ers families, however with over thirty years of residence in Boulder City and a longtime business at Hoover Dam, they are 31’ers in their own right.

For more 31’er event information call 293-9340.

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