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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Green Day
Green, my favorite color. March, my favorite month. This is the month we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but I just like to call it “green day” (no, not the band!). In March, most people like to think about leprechauns, four leaf clovers and pots of gold. Well, I like to think of those things too, but I also like to think about birthdays!

Sometimes on St. Patrick’s Day, my family has a big, big party because it’s birthday time! Many of my family members have birthdays in the month of March. Like my Mom! Her birthday is on the 2nd and she will be turning 22, for the 20th time! That’s what she tells me. My birthday is on the 25th and I’ll be turning 12 for the first time! Both of my great-grandmothers and my great-grandfather also have birthdays in March. Whew!

For my birthday, I am probably going snowboarding but before that, I am having an early birthday so I can hang out with my friends. I am also going to go ice skating! It’s going to be fun! My Dad believes that by turning 12 I am becoming a pre-teen, so that is cool. When I go snowboarding it’s a whole lot of fun, but the first thing I have to know is how to stop. If I don’t, I will have a hard time! I started snowboarding when I was 9 years old so I have been snowboarding for 3 years. I don’t mean to brag but I think I am really good. Before I began snowboarding I liked going tubing! Tubing is when you hook your tube to a rope and you pull it up a humungous hill. When you get to the top, you unhook your tube then you hop on and woo-hoo! You’re going down a big hill really fast, but it is a lot of fun! We like to go up to Brianhead and do that!

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