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Day Trip'n
by Ginny Gottfredson, Sales Manager
Lake Mead Cruises

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge
Have you driven to Hoover Dam and beyond lately? I hadn’t been past the Hacienda Hotel in over three years until recently. WOW! Regardless of the bypass controversy, concrete bridges are already in place hinting at the engineering feat yet to come when the bridge across the Colorado River is constructed just below the Dam.

It is truly mind boggling to ponder the precision required to build this new bridge from the edges of the canyon to meet in the middle.

In order to experience the full impact of this massive construction project, take Highway 93 a few miles past Hoover Dam before you turn around for home. This short day trip is a truly worthy jaunt with your camera to record more history in the making, not to mention a stellar opportunity to appreciate the craggy beauty of our High Desert. Although this venture might not fall into the same category with the Dam as a Man Made Wonder of the World, it is certainly impressive.

Whether you are a native, a long time resident, or new to our beautiful community, visiting Hoover Dam is a great way to swing into the spirit of Boulder City’s 75th Anniversary! Without the ingenuity of our forefathers who conceived Boulder Dam, later renamed Hoover Dam, Boulder City would not have 75 years of history to celebrate.

Oh, and while you’re at it, when the drive out to the Dam brings you back into our town, stop at the Historic Boulder Dam Hotel on Arizona Street to step back in time at the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum. If you have never been inside the Museum, you will be astonished at the professional interactive displays. Old kids and even young kids are allowed to operate miniaturized versions of equipment used to build the Dam. Visitors go away with a small sense of what it was like in the 1930s for the hardy pioneers who forged our town. Open daily, call 294-1988 for hours. Aren’t we privileged to live here?

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