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BC Horticulture
by Cheryl Waites
Boulder City Community Gardens

Seasonings of the Season

Each holiday season brings thoughts that please all our senses. I remember the big wooden bowl that came down from the top of the dining room hutch to be filled with tangerines, nuts, and candies. Herbs decorated the kitchen with all the favorite seasonings from the garden. My mother would add a little tinsel to spruce those garden bowls up, and used the herbs for our special meals throughout the holidays. Sage for the dressing, thyme for poultry, cinnamon for desserts; we associate fragrance in the home with the holidays more than any other time of the year.

If you are looking for fragrance and flavor from the garden, you are in luck. Herbs by Diane has fresh grown and cut, they are the best and can be ordered weekly. It is wonderful to have a local grower. Lavender and rosemary can be picked from the yard or garden year-round. Moreover, many gardens have gone to seed that still needs to be collected (basil, oregano, etc.). I love to simmer to boost that aroma in the house: cinnamon, apples, and vanilla.

While cruising around town, I spotted so many pines, juniper, cypress and sycamore trees that have tons of cones, berries, and leaves to bring home for decorating and making the house smell great. Just like that wonderful aroma from a Christmas tree, it brings the fragrance of the season indoors. I was especially pleased to find some pecan trees, thanks to a tip from a friend. It is just like the good ole days, harvesting the nuts from the trees and using them to make holiday desserts and treats.

Our 31’ers had to be resourceful for our first holidays celebrated here. It is the perfect homage to them when we reconnect with the garden. The pine tree that shades my house in the summer was initially planted as a Christmas tree for my neighbors’ little girl decades ago. She is all grown up now with a family of her own living here in Boulder City. I use the pine cones for decorations and crafts.

As always, share your ideas and traditions, and have the happiest of holidays. Happy Gardening!

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