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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

BC Library Programs

In spite of the best efforts of "Miss B," the typing instructor in high school, I was only an adequate typist with a great fondness for Wite-Out when I began working on my master's thesis. By the time I finished that project, I had embraced the concept of word processing. Imagine typing a 36 page bibliography in MLA style each time you needed a copy! I had a hard enough time getting through one page without correction fluid. When I finally succeeded, I nearly ran to the printer to get as many copies I thought I would ever need made. I loved the first word processing program I learned…almost more than chocolate. That same Miss B tried to instill the concepts of bookkeeping into my mind. I was good with the concepts, but, as a dyslexic, the math part made me crazy! Then, I was introduced to an early computer spreadsheet on a 286 computer, and thought I had found nirvana!

Since childhood, I have always enjoyed curling up with a book to escape into whatever world that book took me. I still enjoy a good book, but I find myself more often taking my Nook to bed with me. And it remembers the page I was on when I fell asleep.

However, the BEST improvement to my job which was made possible through technology has been the Public Access Catalog (PAC). Some of you may, like me, remember the card catalog. I hated the card catalog. Who do you think had to type and file all those cards? Now, with the PAC, a librarian fills out a computerized form and the computer does the rest, offering the patron more chances to find the book or movie or audio recording or whatever you need, all the while, sharing that information with neighboring libraries and libraries across the globe!

When it comes to the internet, I can't even describe how much better I feel to be able to find something on a topic that we don't have a book about. The ability to print out information from an online source, instead of sending someone home empty handed, feels so much better! If you aren't quite sure how to reach out and take advantage of all those tools, stop by the library to learn about our beginning technology classes or how to use the PAC. We are here to guide you!

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