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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Keep Your Identity Safe While Traveling

There have been a myriad of articles written about keeping safe while traveling. Certainly no one wants to be a target of a pick pocket, or robbed at an ATM. But nowadays, we must be just as diligent in avoiding having our identity taken. The following advice is from an article I read on

Unpack Critical Documents Before Travel. The average wallet or purse might include a Social Security card, bank statements, medical documents, checkbook, etc. – remove them before you leave home.

Guard Your Documents. Don't leave any sensitive documents lying around in your hotel room while you are out. Keep them in a money belt, document protector, or RFIT-blocking wallet.

Be Very Careful about Shared and Insecure Internet Connections. This is difficult to do, so just be aware of the risk and avoid logging into your bank account or other sensitive accounts. Always try to use https:// website addresses. The 's' stands for 'secure.'

Delete all Cookies and Browsing History on Public Terminals. This should be the last thing you do before logging off. Some public terminals will do this automatically, but doing it yourself offers much better peace of mind.

Use a Dedicated Travel E-mail Address, and definitely do NOT use your work e-mail. If a thief gets access to your work account, he can do inestimable damage to your life and livelihood.

Use Only Bank ATMs. Scams and problems happen much more often at non-bank ATMs, such as in hotels, convenience stores, etc., as they have less oversight and therefore more vulnerable than bank-run and hosted ATMs.

Check Your Credit Card Statements. At times when you are confident in the security of a connection, check your credit card statement for suspicious activity.

Finally, you may want to Change Your Passwords and PINs after a trip. Some patient criminals will wait until a few weeks after you are home, when you are less likely to pay attention. If you love your passwords, change them before you leave and then change them back when you get home.

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