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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Curved Screen Televisions

The curved screen television is the newest television idea out right now. But, should you get a curved screen television or not? If you are the kind of person that needs the newest toys, then you should already have one. If not, this article may help you decide.

The curved television screen is like taking your flat television screen and bending the left and right sides toward you. The idea is similar to the curved screen in an IMAX theater (on a much smaller scale, of course), but does not give you the same effect at home. Also, the curved screen television is about sixty percent more in cost than the same sized flat screen television
If you decide to buy a television with a curved screen, you should consider what most people call the television's "sweet spot" view. The "sweet spot" view is where in the room the television views and sounds the best. The "sweet spot" for a curved screen television is usually front and center, so if you have a large family watching, make sure you claim the center seat first.
Most of the existing curved screen televisions are not made to be wall mounted at this time. Maybe because it looks weird on the wall with both ends sticking out.

The best way to finally decide on which television to buy is to go to a television store and look at the flat screen televisions versus the curved screen televisions to see if it is worth the extra money to you. I would wait a little while for the price to drop and to see more of the pros and cons revealed on someone else's nickel.

The curved screen idea might be better for cell phones so they would fit in your back pocket and "make the curve." It might also be good for wrist watches that would go around your wrist.

If you have a curved screen television, I would like to hear what you think of it compared to your flat screen television. Just send me an e-mail at or call (702) 294-1392.

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