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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Summertime Energy-Saving Tips

Summer is here. Here are some tips designed to help you choose effective ways to reduce your energy bills.

Change your old thermostat to a programmable one. You can save up to $100 a year by using a new set-back thermostat.

Hose down the coils of your air conditioner's condenser unit. Clear areas around the condenser unit so it has full air flow.

Use your microwave for cooking. It uses two-thirds less energy than your stove.

Your dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand. Allow dishes to air-dry to save even more.

Keep a stocked refrigerator. A full refrigerator prevents warming up too fast when the door is open.

Set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees when you are away. (Save: one to three percent per degree, for each degree the thermostat is set above 72 degrees)

Avoid running your appliances during peak hours (2 pm to 8 pm).

Reduce the operating time of your pool filter and automatic cleaning sweep to four hours, and only during off-peak time. (Save: one to two percent per hour of reduction)

Turn off appliances, lights and equipment when not in use. (Save: two percent)

Unplug electronic devices and chargers when not in use. Most new electronics use electricity even when switched "off." Turn computers and printers off at the power strip. (Save: one to two percent)

Unplug or recycle that spare refrigerator in the garage if you don't really need it. This will save you up to $150 per year! (Save: ten to twenty percent)

Replace air conditioner filters. Dirty filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use. Replace filters monthly for maximum benefit. (Save: one to two percent)

For more energy saving ideas, the City offers an energy audit where a professional comes to your home and recommends conservation ideas. Schedule an appointment today (702) 293-9200.

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