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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

A New Year of Opportunity for Boulder City

The recent Presidential Inauguration was an important opportunity for communities in Nevada and across the United States to join together and reflect on ways we can move forward as one nation to achieve great things. In this New Year, my hope is that Boulder City and other Nevada communities continue to work to secure long-term economic prosperity and I will stand by them every step of the way in that endeavor.

This Inauguration, as all Inaugurations are, was an important day for our country. The second swearing in of President Obama was celebrated on Martin Luther King Day, the holiday that our nation commemorates Dr. King’s legacy of creating a free and equal America for everyone. In the last four years, I worked with the President to help realize the dream of equality that Dr. King spoke of so long ago. Restoring fairness for all Nevadans and Americans has been our shared goal and we have made significant progress by creating opportunities for America’s middle class families.

Before the Inauguration, the Senate and House of Representatives worked to pass a comprehensive set of tax measures that will give Nevadans financial certainly heading into 2013. The bi-partisan plan protects Nevada’s and America’s middle class by extending tax cuts for one million Nevadans and unemployment insurance for tens of thousands of Nevadans. The Nevada state sales tax deduction was also reinstated and we passed mortgage debt relief assistance to help struggling Nevada homeowners.

As we advance the debate over the best way to strengthen our economy and reduce our deficit, Democrats will continue to stand strong for the principle of balance. It is incumbent on Republicans in both the Senate and House to do the same. The recent Inauguration reminds us that compromise will help forge a path toward long-term economic success and fairness for all Nevadans. I will continue to stand strong for our state to make sure everyone has a chance to succeed in the years ahead.

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