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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Crime Prevention

Boulder City is an outstanding place to live, work and visit; however, we are not immune from crime. Our officers often discuss the topic of personal safety with members of the community; unfortunately, it is usually after a crime has already occurred.

No one denies that appropriate preventative measures are the best bet against becoming a victim of a crime. Having good locks on your home, a well maintained yard and trimmed bushes, and good lighting are a few items easily identified as having a positive impact on the deterrence of crime. A host of other preventative things can be done throughout your property and home to further prevent becoming a victim. Oftentimes, officers will share ideas with you; however, if they do not, simply ask for their thoughts, based upon their experience and current crime trends.

The home is only one avenue of personal protection. Your personal protection out of the home is another area where you may be vulnerable. Violence in the workplace is an ever-present conundrum faced by all of us that work outside the home. Walking at night where lighting is not present and angry or aggressive drivers can often lure you into precarious situations. If you find yourself in a vulnerable position, make some noise, draw attention to yourself – run, hit or use other methods of self-defense – act quickly and decisively.

Preventative measures are similar, whether it be in your home or out for a night on the town. Be vigilant and know your surroundings! Walk with groups of friends or family, stay in areas of town that are well-lit and hang on to your personal belongings. If you are in a vehicle, keep your doors locked, park in well-lit areas and scan your surroundings before you exit the vehicle. If you have valuables in your vehicle, leave them at home or lock them in the trunk.

Lastly, be a good witness. If you are the victim of a crime or witness a crime in progress – take good mental notes. If time allows, double check to ensure accuracy, license plates, clothing and vehicle descriptions and direction of travel.  Don’t hesitate, call the police!

Until next month stay safe.

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