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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Book Sale!!!

Now that I have your attention, the Book Sale will be held in April of 2013. Between now and then, we are collecting books for the sale. If you have books at home that you are willing to part with, we will be happy to take them off your hands in order to build up a good collection of materials for our sale. Donations may be brought to the staff door at the southeast corner of the building. (Near the dumpsters.) Just ring the door-bell and we will be glad to help. If you are bringing a lot of books, you may want to call ahead to make sure we have someone available to help.

Items that sell well include: cook books, children’s books, young adult books, mysteries, travel books, health books, and how-to-books.

There are several things we do NOT need for the sale: magazines, readers digest condensed books, VHS tapes, and cassette tapes. Books in poor condition will not be kept for the sale.

The book sale is being co-sponsored by the Library and the Rotary Club of Boulder City. Proceeds from the sale will be divided between the two groups. The funds the Library receives will support programming. The Rotary Club will use the funds they earn from the sale to support their many charitable contributions.

On the evening before the sale opens to the public, we will have a special “Preview Event.” In order to have a first chance at the items on sale, those attending the preview will be charged $5.00 at the door. Regular sale prices will be charged.

“What are the regular sale prices?” you may ask. We really don’t have “regular” prices. We ask for a donation of what you feel you can pay for the books. If you really can’t come up with an amount, we suggest $.50 per hard-cover book and $.25 for each paperback.

On the final day of the sale, during the last couple hours, we will offer a “Buck-A-Bag” special, charging only $1.00 for everything you can fit into a bag. What if you fill 2 bags? Then you pay $2.00.

Mark your calendars for April – Library Book Sale!

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