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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Caine's Arcade

Everyone loves a feel good story so here’s one you’ll like that combines tech with old fashioned ingenuity. Caine Monroy is a 9 year-old boy who spent the summer building a cardboard arcade in his dad’s auto parts store. The used parts store is located in East LA in the industrial part. The arcade is made up of cardboard boxes that Caine’s dad uses to ship auto parts.

One day Nivan Mullick, a filmmaker, stopped by to get a door handle for his car and was asked if he would like to play the arcade. Nivan asked how much it was to play and Caine said for $1 you get two turns or for $2 you get a Fun Pass with 500 turns. So Nivan got the Fun Pass. The Fun Pass is handmade and you have to check the number on the pass to make sure it is a valid Fun Pass before playing. This is done by entering your Fun Pass number and pressing the “check mark” on the “keyboards” attached to each game. The keyboards are calculators that are taped on to each game and the check mark is the square root button.

Caine’s first game was a basketball hoop and you toss a small ball in the hoop to win. When you win, Caine crawls in the back of the game and pushes tickets out a slot in the front.

Here is the tech part of the story. Nivan asked Caine’s dad if he could make a short movie and see if he could bring in more customers for Caine’s Arcade. Then, using, he posted a message to have a flashmob show up at Caine’s Arcade. Dozens of people showed up to play Caine’s games and he was one happy boy.

After that, the video and story went viral on the internet. Caine’s Facebook page has 90,843 likes as of April 16, 2012 and people have donated to Caine’s college fund in the amount of $165,009; that amount went up $22,000 just over the weekend of April 15!

Watch the video of this story if you have not done so yet. It is worth the 11 minutes.

See the video at

Caine’s Arcade (located inside Smart Parts Aftermarket)
538 N. Mission Road
Boyle Heights, CA 90033

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