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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Unified Through Music

As I am getting older, I am now receiving more opportunity to share music through many different avenues. I now perform in several orchestras, chamber groups, and other various ensembles. These experiences are unique and a blessing, of which I’m very thankful to be presented. The level has been raised and I am very thankful.

The first of these new opportunities is the awesome chance to perform with the Nevada All-State Orchestra. I am honored to have the ability to play with some of the top student musicians in the state, having played real symphonic music. We performed Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet, a movement from a work by Prokofiev, and Leonard Bernstein’s Mambo from his West Side Story.

I was also afforded the option to perform in a string quartet. This was my first experience in the magic of Beethoven, a true honor for a string player. It’s a totally different experience, almost as if performing in a little family. Each and every note, articulation, thought, nuance, and expression must be carefully observed, your screw up cannot be covered by a massive 14 person section. Since one person is on each part, your mission is to play your part, listen to each person and still try to communicate the full message of the work. I’m lucky to have some friends that I’m going to get together with over the summer to start our own string quartet!

Then the unique performing opportunities begin to appear. One of my business partners spent several years studying vocal performance in England and invited me to perform with her Chinese Church performing group. The pianist was a conductor and composer, leading groups in South Korea. Only two people spoke fluent English, but the music was the one thing we could all speak. As cliché as it sounds, it is an experience that truly warrants the title of “universal” language.

As I’m beginning to get older, the game is starting to get serious. I get the privilege of performing with truly great performers that in turn “raise my bar.” But it is great fun to learn and experience many new things. Who knows what the future holds?

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