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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Got Murder??

We have lots of murder and other mysteries at the Boulder City Library. Beginning January 14th, we will be celebrating a winter full of mysteries with our Winter Mystery Reading Program for ages 13 and older. You may have seen some of the teaser posters around the Library...they all have murder weapons on them.

From January 14th through March 8th, readers ages 13 and older will have the opportunity to win prizes each week for reading mysteries. You can also listen to one of our mystery audio-books! What are the prizes? That’s part of the mystery!

To kick off the program, the Library will host a special CLUE party. We will be showing the movie and playing the game. To make the event more enjoyable costumes are encouraged.

During the eight weeks, mystery movies will be shown. We will also have some special Lit to Flick Movies and discussions where we show a film based on a book, and then discuss the differences and similarities.

Fran Haraway will be back to lead book discussions as well. This is a reading program where you’ll find that talking about books you have read is almost as fun as reading them!

And, because technology is a world of mystery to so many of us, there will be several programs offering the clues to figuring out how to use today’s technology. We will be offering programs on using eBooks, downloadable audio-books, databases, basic computer skills, and introduce you to some of the newer pieces of technology entering the world.

For those of you, like me, who prefer old-tech, a low-tech silk-screening craft program will be offered.

To wrap-up the Winter Mystery Reading Program, there will be a mystery-theater program in the Library after-hours! Find out just how many ways you might do-away with someone at the Library!

Why are we celebrating mysteries? To be honest, mysteries are the most popular type of books read from the Library. We thought that if so many people enjoy reading mysteries, they might also like to share that interest with others who enjoy a good who-done-it as well.

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