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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Surface Transportation Bill Will
Connect Boulder City To New Opportunities

Boulder City businesses will require a strong infrastructure to operate and grow, but thousands of bridges across our nation are crumbling, and dilapidated roads create challenges that slow commerce. Our interconnected economy depends on products, materials, and travelers reaching their destinations on time, and millions of commercial trucks and tourists travel on Nevada’s roads, highways, and bridges each year. Our nation needs to make significant infrastructure repairs, which is why I worked to pass a surface transportation bill that will rebuild our transportation system and put nearly 3 million Americans back to work.

We must make sure Nevada’s infrastructure is ready to handle future commercial growth. This legislation authorizes highway and transit programs for more than two years, makes key reforms consolidating transportation programs, cuts red tape, and leverages federal resources to expand public-private partnerships in transportation. This job creating bill will fund highway, transit, and safety programs in Nevada and across the nation, and will create or save 12,800 jobs in Nevada alone.

To spur long-term economic growth we must constantly look to open Nevada up to new opportunities and sources of revenue, and Boulder City in particular stands to benefit significantly from the new law. I was pleased that the newly passed transportation jobs bill includes a designation for Interstate 11, a large infrastructure endeavor that will connect Las Vegas and Phoenix, two of the largest metropolitan areas not connected by a freeway. Constructing I-11 will create good-paying jobs, significantly boost tourism to our state, and increase commerce for the local economy. I-11 will bridge a gap between our two cities, and soon, travelers looking to experience Southern Nevada’s attractions will be able to access it with greater ease.

With broad bipartisan support, the passage of the transportation jobs bill was an exercise in consensus building and collaboration. I was glad my Republican Senate colleagues tabled obstructionist tactics and joined us to create an opportunity to mend our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. This new law will open Boulder City up to new opportunities.

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