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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Proctoring Exams

A common buzz phrase in public libraries is “Service to life-long-learning.” That means that we want to help people who are pursuing education through out their lives. A growing trend today is for people to take online classes. Online classes are often a lot more flexible, allowing

the students to take a class in the comfort of home, or wherever they have access to a computer and the internet, and to fit that course work into their busy schedules. It also allows students to participate in classes from schools in a different geographical area. My husband is pursuing an online degree and often interacts with other students from all over the globe!

One thing that hasn’t changed all that much in the pursuit of education is THE TEST. (You should hear spooky music about now.) Students are still required to prove their gain of knowledge by taking tests. Sometimes online classes offer online testing opportunities. Other times, the classes require that a student take a test on paper with a supervisor, or a “proctor.” It is generally up to the student to find someone to serve as a proctor for the exam.

Proctoring tests for students is one of the many services we offer at the Boulder City Library. We can offer a quiet place to take your test under the supervision of a professional librarian. The student should contact the library reference desk to confirm that we will have a staff member available to proctor the exam, and to make sure the staff member has their contact information. After the student registers the name of the proctor with the school, arrangements are normally made between the school and the library staff. When we receive the exam from the school, we will contact the student to set up a date for the exam. The school usually gives us specific instructions concerning the exam such as whether or not it is an open book test and how much time to allow. When the student comes to take the exam, they should bring their ID as well as pens/pencils, paper and whatever else they are allowed to use. We will provide a space for the exam, and we will mail it off afterwards. It’s just another way we can support the members of our community.

The library is open 9-8:30 Monday to Thursday,  9-5 on Fridays, 11-4 Saturdays and closed Sundays.

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