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Family Fun
by Valery Behr

Getting into Gear

Most parents meet the start of the school year with mixed emotions. On one side, there’s the relief of knowing that life will return to a more predictable routine centered around classes, homework and sporting events. On the other, there’s the anxiety that comes with ensuring the kids get to school before the second bell, keep up with their studies and stay out of trouble.

Whether you’re a big family with two parents or a sole caregiver, juggling it all can be a challenge. Here are two ideas to help make a seamless transition from summer to school year.

Close the Kitchen

Maybe it’s too hot to cook. You’ve come home from work exhausted. Or you want to get into a once-a-week habit of spending less time at the stove and more time with your family. Two words: take out. There are plenty of options for healthy family meals here in Boulder City. If your budget allows, dining establishments like Evans, Toto’s and Milo’s will prepare menu items for pick-up. If you want to keep the cost down, fast-food chains like Subway and Panda Inn have group meal options. And there are even a few that deliver, like Little Dumplings, Tony’s and Capriotti’s.

Outsource the Homework

When assignments start coming home with children as early as first grade, many parents can be heard saying, “When I was a kid, we didn’t have homework until high school!” Well, times have changed and it’s now our responsibility to help our kids grasp new concepts, even if we don’t understand them ourselves. For parents who find themselves secretly heading to Google when their child asks, “What’s a scalene triangle?” there is a better solution.  This year, the city is will be launching an after school tutoring program called The Homework Circle for students in grades 1-5. A qualified tutor will provide homework assistance to a limited number of students. One-on-one tutoring will also be available for those who need help with specific subjects. (702) 293-9256

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