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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Burglary - Residential, Commercial or Auto

I have observed a recent increase in burglaries and felt it prudent to review a few pointers on how to ensure you do not fall victim of a theft.

The fastest and easiest method to avoid becoming a victim of an auto burglary is to simply lock your doors. While this may seem obvious, we often hear from victims that they did not lock their doors. Last month, while working the night shift, we recovered a stolen vehicle where the owner not only left his vehicle unlocked but also left the keys in the ignition. Fortunately for the car thief, a gas card was also left in the vehicle. Car unlocked – check, keys in the ignition – check, gas card in the vehicle – bonus.

You can secure your homes and businesses by simply locking the doors and securing your windows. A few additional things to consider are:

1. A good alarm system, one that is monitored 24-hours a day is a great investment, especially if you enjoy traveling and may be out of town extended periods of time. Please ensure it is monitored by a company not your neighbors with a loud exterior alarm that cannot be silenced remotely.

2. Solid core or metal doors are a good investment for homes and businesses. If you are considering door replacement, consult a licensed contractor about what doors will work best given your situation. Doors are often only as good as your locks; be sure you have a good lock set that will ensure that the contents of your building or home are secure.

3. Slider doors are another vulnerable entry-point to homes. If they are not properly secured they can easily be lifted off of their track. A slider-wedge or a lock-pin installed on your sliding door are easy fixes that will likely deter the would-be burglar.

Lastly, just as a reminder, most burglaries that occur in Boulder City are done through an unlocked door or by someone that is known to the victim. Choose your friends wisely; lock your doors and find a better hiding spot for your key (not under the floor mat or in the fake rock near the front door), should you choose to stash one for a neighbor. Until next month, stay safe!

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