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The Arts
by Judy Barton
Boulder City Art Guild

Fabric Art: A Growing, Creative Pastime

Artists of the 60’s, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg and Christo, experimented with cloth as a medium for expression. They molded, twisted and wrapped fabric to create new and unusual works of art.

The arts and crafts movement of the 30’s was based on creating new and exciting ways for self-expression while maintaining the functionality of the work. Combining these two ideas, creative quilting was born. Growing throughout the years, quilting has become a multi-million dollar industry today. Artisans have brought this craft from the utilitarian beginnings to a more modern and fashionable art. One-of-a-kind handmade quilted wall hangings, table runners, bed quilts, purses and clothing have all become exceedingly popular.

Beginners in quilting often start by creating designs calculated by others with more experience in the craft. As they build more confidence in their work, many go on to create their own designs and pictures in a wide variety of styles. Some excel in the embellishment of the fabric with lace, buttons and various types of stitchery, while others create by mixing and matching vibrant colors and unique patterns of a variety of cloth. There are some that follow the examples of artists of the past such as Monet by blending the designs and color of the fabric to create an “Impressionistic” look to their work. 

Local artist, Eleanor Beckert, (work appears above) uses her own watercolor paintings as a basis for her quilting work. Quilt artists Patti Bartlett, Kathryn Lockwood, Therese Cato are among those who give lessons and show their work at the local fabric shop, Fiddlesticks. The owner of the shop, Merry Summey, is on hand to help novice and experts alike make their inspirations a reality. 

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