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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

High School

I have now entered into the jungle known as high school! Actually, this has been one fantastic adventure so far, and I am enjoying the start into my years of high school. I am now a freshman at the Las Vegas Academy for the Performing Arts. Not only does the school have a great arts program, but nearly every aspect of the school is truly outstanding.

The academics so far are really holding my attention, still offering challenging and interesting work. After leaving Hyde Park’s Math and Science program, I definitely wanted to maintain strong academic learning. The classes are put into block scheduling, which means we only have four classes a day (seven total), and classes are about 90 minutes long. Our majors, mine being orchestra, take up two class periods therefore giving us 90 minutes of our major class every day. All of the teachers are dedicated and passionate.

The environment as a whole at LVA is really incredible. It is energetic and creative, and really a positive space to grow and develop. One thing I really have noticed is the overall treatment of the lower classmen is much more humane than some of the other horror stories I’ve heard from other friends. In fact, the upper classmen are actually very enthusiastic about helping incoming freshman. Common goals for each of us help put aside the childish games and get serious about our education and enjoy high school!

Orchestra at the Academy is really fantastic. I am very lucky to have Mr. Karl Reinarz and Mr. Eric McAllister as teachers, two professional, experienced, and involved musicians and teachers. The entire music program has won a GRAMMY award 9 times. To be in a setting of people with the same dedication is really incredible.

Other aspects about the school are amazing as well. At LVA, we have an hour-long lunch period. During this time, we are also given opportunity to join clubs. I am a proud part of the Philosophy and Conservative clubs, an officer for both. The entire experience of being in high school is rewarding, and I cannot wait to see what other adventures await!

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