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Boulder City History
by Laura Hutton, Museum Coordinator

Boulder City Museum and Historical Association

Since Hoover Dam’s completion in 1936, efforts have been made to preserve the history of the construction and the town it created. A collection of artifacts traveled between the Boulder Theatre, the Boulder City School, and Elton Garrett’s home until the late 1960s when plans went underway to create a permanent Boulder City Museum.

The Boulder City Cultural Center was founded April 15, 1968 when a local committee united the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, the Boulder City Art Guild, and the Boulder City Museum into one organization. Space was leased around town for the Cultural Center’s many parts. From this, the committees combined to form the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association (BCMHA) and became incorporated January 26, 1981.

During this time, the Boulder City and Hoover Dam artifact collection continued to grow. Needing more space, plans for a building went underway. A temporary exhibit was opened at the Six Companies Store on September 30, 1988. This helped to raise funds through museum shop sales and private donations.

From 1989 to 1992, The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum blossomed into a successful organization, seeing about 1,000 visitors per month, hosting the 31ers Luncheon and adapting The Story of Hoover Dam construction film as part of the exhibit. In 1993, the original Boulder City Cultural Center and the City of Boulder City reformed to make the Boulder Dam Hotel Association. The organization would be housed in the Boulder Dam Hotel, newly purchased by the BCMHA. After much renovation, the BCMHA signed a contact with Formations, Inc. to create permanent exhibits, which officially opened March 25, 2000. Since then, basement space in the hotel was renovated for the museum’s archive and research space. The nonprofit 501(c)(3) BCMHA now collectively owns the Boulder Dam Hotel, Restaurant and the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum at 1305 Arizona Street.

Today, BCMHA is working to generate funds to support the history of our city. For more information about donating, please visit

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