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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Lightning Vacation II

Have you ever been on a vacation that makes your entire faith illuminate the room? You may recall two years ago, I wrote a two-part article on my past trip to Oregon. Well, I just spent ten remarkable days with the same family in Oregon.

On this trip, Cousin Dillon is now six years old, and full of energy and questions. Not only that, but he has an adorable seventeen-month-old little brother romping around the house. These families just moved from Coos Bay, a small city on the coast, to a bigger city inland near Eugene. It was an adventure for them and me, my uncle getting used to working in a new hospital, moving into their new home, and the whole family adjusting to their new setting. It was really amusing to teach them how to use the Wii videogame console they just bought.

One thing I realized, and fervently enjoyed, was the value of spending time and growing a strong social network. I had mostly been cooped-up in the house before the trip. Coming up to Oregon allowed me to spend some time with family I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Not only that, but as they made new friends, I was given the opportunity to spend some time with many great people. I’ll be straight forward and honest; it was just fantastic to finally get a break and get out of the house!

The other important detail of this trip was spending some time around some “Green.” There was a beautiful natural setting with trees, flowers, and grass of all sorts! From the time we left the airport I was completely captured with a thriving life around me. It was a lovely change from the simple dry dirt and desert of the valley. Now, I don’t know about you or any of my other readers, but I am a passionate fan of the sweet look and smell of the lush, green trees and plants.

A vacation’s embrace from our “normal” routine are necessary and totally lifting to our spirits. More than that, spending it with those we love is a wonderful treat. It doesn’t hurt being in such great surroundings. This vacation has made me ready for work and the start of a fantastic school year!

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