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Family Fun
by Valery Behr

Cool Memories

It’s easy to get caught in the end-of-summer rut and let the television or video game player entertain your kids. With less than 30 days left before school starts, don’t miss out on making a few more family summer memories by enjoying activities right here in town. Here are a few ideas:

Freeze Your Brain

Nothing tastes better on a triple-digit day than ice cream. Soft-serve dipped in chocolate. Hard spheres surrounded by hot fudge and whipped cream. A frosty shake topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Mmmm. Boulder City has some excellent options for these cold concoctions, but before you announce this outing, here’s a great tactic. Tell the kids they’ll get ice cream if they clean their rooms or the guinea pig cage. Once they’ve finished their chores, head out to Grandma Daisy’s in Old Town or Dairy Queen on Nevada Highway and celebrate their great work and your brilliant plan.

Pack a Picnic

Find a basket or cooler. Fill it with favorite cold treats from your fridge or stop by a store for a ready-made meal (Subway, Milos, Albertsons or Vons have nice options). Grab some beverages, a blanket and a few outdoor toys. Finally, right before dusk gather your family and go to one of Boulder City’s lush, green parks. (Yes, they will protest when you turn off the TV but eventually they’ll get with the program.) Spread your blanket under a big shade tree, take off your shoes and show your kids you still know how to throw a Frisbee or play catch.

Take a Leap

Sometimes we all have that urge to jump. So we might as well do it from a perfectly good diving board surrounded by trained lifeguards. The Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department’s Diving Pool offers a great family bonding experience. What kid will ever forget the day his mom or dad did a cannonball (or belly flop) from the high dive? Even better, what kid wouldn’t love to perform a daring jump while his parents watched in awe? Well worth the small price of admission.

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