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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

19 Years of Service

I write this as my 19th year of service to Boulder City comes to a close. I reflect back on a community that has welcomed and supported my family and me for the better part of our adult lives. The journey in Boulder City, largely from the front seat of a patrol car, has been varied.

I have had the privilege to witness community members at their finest hour, acts of heroism and the giving spirit of Boulder City is unbelievable. I have also had the honor to sit with grieving family members just moments after the passing of a loved one – each incident engrained in my memory. The journey has undeniably been an opportunity of a lifetime.

Reserve Captain Lou Redo told me during my first week of service that I had just been given a front row seat to the biggest three ring circus known to man; that being the opportunity to see human behavior first-hand. I think Captain Lou was right on! I think of Captain Redo often, his commitment to Boulder City and his love for the people of our town. If you have been in Boulder City awhile, you remember him walking the downtown area, checking in on area businesses to ensure their needs were being met.

I think back and reflect upon some of the great leaders we have had – how Mayor Iris Bletch, City Manager Forbes and Captain Creathbaum made it their mission to instill community policing in the minds of all city employees and how they recognized the importance of eliminating the bureaucracy of government and going directly to those that could resolve the issue at hand.  I remember Chief Mullin giving thanks and praise to the community groups that partnered with the police department. Together, with the community, we were able to bring about double-digit reductions in some classifications of crime and how Chief Turk supported his officers like no other Chief I have worked for.

I am proud to have served and learned from such dedicated community servants. I am hopeful that as I continue in my service to you, the residents, that I can instill some of the lessons I learned from not only the few community-minded leaders listed above, but the many I have been privileged to work for throughout the last 19 years.

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