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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

iPad 2

The new iPad 2 is out! It has both a forward facing camera and an HD camera on the back. It’s 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter, and like the old iPad, it provides 10 hours of battery use.

With the new iPad, you can put the cover on and it will go into sleep mode to save battery life and when you take it off it will automatically wake up. Also, the cover can fold up and can be used as a convenient stand.

With so many online games Apple has powered the graphics on the new iPad 9 times faster than the first generation iPad. It has a 9.7 inch high resolution LED backlit display which provides great graphics.

The new iPad uses iOS 4, which is also used in the iPhone. There are over 65,000 apps that you can download and use, some being free and others costing you a few bucks each. Instant On allows you to start using the iPad instantly, rather than the usual wait to start up the machine.

You can connect to Wi-Fi and 3G using AT&T or Verizon. With a gyro, accelerometer and compass built in, the iPad knows where it is in 3D space at all times. Using AirPlay, you can watch and wirelessly stream your music, photos and videos, and you can mirror your screen to your HDTV.

When you travel now, you will see that a lot of people have replaced their laptop computers with iPads. They are lighter, smaller and easier to access on the road.

The new iPads start at $499 and go up from there. It will cost $699 for a 64GB version with Wi-Fi. The 3G version starts at $629 and goes up to $829. Remember that you will need a phone and data plan to use the 3G version, but the Wi-Fi is free as long as you have Wi-Fi in the area.

The main disadvantage to the new iPad is that you can’t view Adobe Flash videos. However, there is an app coming from SkyFire for $2.99 that will convert Adobe Flash videos so you can eventually see them on Apple products.

You can get some good deals on older iPads now that the new one is out. Contact me any time at or (702) 294-1392.

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