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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

One to Remember

Here is part of a letter I shared with a Holocaust Survivor, whom I got to speak with. Quite moving...

“A major impact you made on me was understanding the value of humility, and compassion. I left that discussion thinking more as a man. When we went on with our day, I did not hesitate at all to share my love with those around me of whom I care for. To think, all you did was fight, remaining strong for your family. Taking the lashes for your uncle, completely, willingly, was a story not only of valor, but of showing the true value of the human heart. It inspired me to really know what a man was, and that was acting strongly for his family.

I did not hesitate all day to tell family and dear friends I loved them, knowing any moment could be the last opportunity to do so. I called my grandmother right before I went to sleep. Alarmed, yet happily surprised, I shared with her the value of your words, and harnessing every opportunity to make life work to its fullest. Now whenever my sister and I argue, or I disagree with my mother, I just turn around and kiss her on the head. Those are little petty things that mean nothing in a grander scheme.

The Holocaust and the monstrous people of it really shined light to a problem existing in humanity today. As awful as it was, it shone a light on the awful tendencies that do exist in man. It truly validated my thinking in the way that our interactions with each other are coming from the wrong places. Bullying and control is an awful thing. I call people out, tell them of their injustices towards another human being. When they ask why, I tell them that it’s little things like this that blew up into the Holocaust.

One group saw itself as superior; and furthermore decided to pass BLAME on a group of people instead of holding responsibility of its own. Cowardly, awful, and leading to true injustice. I hope that my fellows, and me included, really learn a lesson from this. Superiority is not right, and never be afraid to call someone out on it. ‘The world just stood silent.’ And that was probably the greatest mistake of all. These lessons I will never forget, and make it part of my life’s goal to maintain what I have learned. Zachor, we will. And learn, we will.”

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