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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Library Fountain

Many of you may have noticed piles of sand and dirt, and wheelbarrows and workers in the Amphitheatre area and wondered, “What ARE they doing at the Library?”

After a lot of consideration, the Board of Trustees decided to turn the existing fountains into planters. This decision was not made lightly, and we feel that it is the best decision for the Library.

Making this change will save the Library a lot of money. We spend quite a bit of money every year on chemicals and labor to maintain the fountains. Not only does our Custodian spend hours maintaining the fountains each week, but we frequently have to hire a company to clean the unattractive chemical and mineral build-up from the fountains’ tiles. The cost of this conversion to planters is less than the cost of maintaining the fountains for one year.

Another reason for this change is safety. The fountains, particularly the box fountains at the top, seemed to be a draw for young people who climb over the security fence and wade and play in those upper fountains.

We are hoping that the plants, while attractive, will not be such an inviting play-space and the area will offer less risk of someone falling and getting hurt. Due to the nature and quantity of the chemicals needed to keep the water clean, the fountains are not suitable for wading, nor is the water potable.

A third factor in this decision is water conservation. While the fountains are indeed lovely, we live in the desert, and water use is an issue here. By using native plants in the new planters, we will use considerably less water than the fountains require.

By turning the fountain areas into planters, we will be maintaining an attractive area for the public to enjoy at the Library. Already I have noticed more hummingbirds around the Library!

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